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you get work kingzore!!!!!

you get work kingzore!!!!!

1.List the royal officials who supported Solomon and why they were important in helping Solomon ascend to the throne of Israel (1 Kings 1). Which officials supported Adonijah, and why do you think they did so? What happened to them?




(Two Parts)1). Describe the importance of inheritance in the story of Naboth's vineyard (1Kings 21).



2). How does the gift of the King of Aram function in the story of the book of Namaan in 2 Kings 5? What is the irony of the servants (including Gehazi) of Namaan in the story? Note: Make sure you complete both parts and consider the entire stories!








3.(3 parts)1). Write a detailed paragraph concerning the books of the Maccabees from the Apocrypha. Use both Boadt and the NRSV introduction/notes for your work. 2). Summarize 1 Maccabees chapters 1-4. 3). What is the importance of this book and story to the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament) and the Christian Scriptures (New Testament)?



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xxZadok the priest, xxxxxx the xxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxx xxx xx xxxxxxxx were xxx royal officials xxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx were xxxxxxxxx xx that Zadok the xxxxxx took the xxxx xx xxx xxxx the sacred xxxx xxx anointed xxxxxxxxxxx xxxx made him ride xx Davids xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Adonijah xxx xxxxxxxxx by Joab xxx xx Zeruiah and with Abiathar xxx priest.They xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx would xx the xxxx xxxx being the elder xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx was xxxxxxx xxxx serving as priest and xxxx xxx xxxxxxx

xxxx the xxxxx xx Naboth xxxx wanted xx xxxxxxxx a xxxxxxxx that xxxxxx had xxxxxxxxxxxxx he refused xx xxxx it xx xxx xx get x replacement for the vineyard.This led xx xxxxxxx xxxxx xxxx xxxxxx plans xxx xxx xxxxxx of Naboth who xxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx did xxx xxxxxx xxx xxx hence the house xx

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