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Submitted by keyera.cohen on Mon, 2012-03-05 14:33
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x squared minus 3x plus 4 equals 0

x squared minus 3x plus 4 equals 0

Submitted by ujwala on Tue, 2012-03-06 05:10
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The quadratic xxxxxxx is xxxxxxx from the xxxxxxx quadratic xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx by xxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxx

The xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx

ax² + bx x c x 0

has roots...

continuation is xx the attachment

and xxxx for xxxxxxx xxxxx xxx xxxx

xx u have any doubts u can xxxxxxx me

my mail id is

file1.docx preview (43 words)

The xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx is xxxxxxx xxxx the general quadratic xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx by completing the xxxxxxx

The xxxxxxx quadratic xxxxxxxxxxx

ax² x xx x c = x

xxx xxxxxxxx


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Submitted by dayamath on Mon, 2012-03-05 15:13
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xxx x xx + 4 = x

first method:

xxxx 3x + 4 = x² - 2*(3/2)*x + xxxxxxx - xxxxxxx + 4

x xxxxxxxxx x xxx + 16/4 = xxxxxxxxx + 7/4

thus the xxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxx x 7/4 x x

but xx remarque that xxxx xx impossible because xxxxxxxxx >= x xxx all x

xxxx (x-3/2)² + 7/4 >x 7/4 xxx xxx x ( xxxx (x-3/2)² x xxx is never null )

then xxxx xxxxxxxx xxx xx solution in R x set of xxxxxx

xxxxxx xxxxxxx

Delat x b² x 4ac x xxxxxx x xxxxx

x 9 x 16 x -7

xxxxx is negative thus the equation xxx no solutions in x

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