Writing an Introduction for the Final Project


Writing an Introduction for the Final Project

In this Application, you will complete the first step of your quantitative research proposal, which is your Final Project for this course. You will begin your research proposal by writing a thorough introduction.

To prepare for this Application:

  • Review the Campbell and Stanley text, Experimental and Quasi-Experimental Designs for Research.

  • Review the Final Project Description handout provided in this week's Learning Resources.

  • Consider the focus of the quantitative research you would like to propose for this course, your personal interests, and the designs presented in Campbell and Stanley.

The assignment:

  • Craft a 2- to 3-paragraph introduction for your final project that includes the following components:

    • The background of the problem

    • A brief problem statement

    • The purpose of the study

Note: Other elements listed in the handout, such as the Literature Review, Operational Definitions, and Assumptions, will be developed in later Applications and as such are not required elements in this Application

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