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Successful students design a compelling life plan, complete with motivating goals and dreams. Struggling students tend to invent their lives as they live them. Successful students commit to their goals and dreams, visualizing the successful creation of their ideal life. Struggling students wander aimlessly from one activity to another.


* Brainstorm a list of academic, professional, and personal goals you have this semester. (Remember, brainstorming is about quantity, not quality; there is no judgment in brainstorming.) Include this list in your journal entry.  


Next, choose one or two of the goals from your brainstorm and answer the following questions.   


- What are the action steps you will need to achieve success? (The more detail one has in their action plan, the more likely they are to be successful.)  


- What are the qualities required to complete these action steps for your goal? 


- As a student, what qualities do you possess that will help you reach each goal?  


- What tendencies do you have that could interfere with reaching your goals. As a student, I sometimes (or often) tend to … 


- Because you want to extinguish these negative tendencies, what can you plan to do or change?


I want it in 2 pages maximam (( the Brainstorm a list in the first page and the answers on the second page))

the answers must be in a paragraph style.


Be sure to include details and examples. 

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