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Read the paper by Alan Turing, "Computing Machinery and Intelligence". In this paper, he

describes a test that could be used to determine if a machine is intelligent. He referred to the test

as the "Imitation Game". Today, it is usually referred to as "The Turing Test". However, most

people misunderstand what the Turing Test actually means.

So, after you read the paper:

(1) Write a paragraph explaining in your own words, what the Turing Test actually means.

 In section 6, he gives several arguments against intelligent machines and then supplies his

reasons why these arguments are wrong. For this assignment, choose one of his arguments

against intelligent machines and do the following.

(2) Explain in your own words what you think the argument against intelligent machines is, and

what Turing response to this argument is.

(3) Give your own opinion on whether you support the argument or whether you agree with

Turing's refutation of the argument.

This assignment should be a couple of paragraphs: anywhere from about half a page to not more

that a full page. Please use a word processor and check your spelling and grammar. It is not

necessary that you agree with Turing to get full credit, but that you provide some evidence that

you have thought about the problem. 

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