write two paragraph (300 words total)


we had an avtivity and the teacher need two paragraph about that avtivity and this is example from my classmate 

please on time and follow the first 2 steps on the attachments



Hello classmate, I am writing to you to inform you about this new learning experience I have currently came across. It is needless to say it was a very good orientation. Our English class has went over writing a research paper and these are some of the key points. 
When writing a research paper you must give the actual publisher of the information you're using, credit for their work. In a sense, this is creating a citation as well as a reference paper at the end of your essay. You also have to cite your source within your paragraphs. For example after a quote that you pulled out of an article of some sort. I found this information very useful because before this lecture I was always confused about writing research papers, but this really helped to clarify a lot of my questions. The orientation itself was incredibly beneficial because in this one class I learned a lot of information about library resources and other things. 
For example, I learned that a student can check out 20 books from the library at once. For myself what I took most out of this presentation was learning about research papers. I was always confused about writing research papers and they were all answered in this orientation. 
I had very little problems with the practice sheet because most of the answers were given to us before hand. My suggestion to students who are going to receive this same assignment is to simply pay attention to the lecture and jot down the answers when it is verbally given to you. If you apply this in the lecture then completing the assignment will be a breeze. It was a pleasure writing about my experience and I hope this was helpful to you as well. Have a great weekend! 

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