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Write a set of simple instructions for completing a household or workplace technical task

Write a set of simple instructions for completing a household or workplace technical task (word count: 400 to 600).

Instructions should contain:

  • a clear and limiting title
  • a logical organziational structure with a chronological numbering system
  • major and minor steps for completing the task
  • identity of intended audience
  • a brief description of the object or process
  • preliminary information
  • safety information
  • materials needed to complete the task (as suited for your audience and specific task)

Must select a task you are extremely familiar with, and may NOT use references. You may use graphics and need to follow the basic principles of document design.


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A Set of Simple Instructions for Cleaning a Carpet

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Running xxxxx x xxx OF SIMPLE xxxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxx A xxxxxxxxxx xxxx \* xxxxxxxxxxx �1� A xxx xx SIMPLE INSTRUCTIONS FOR CLEANING A CARPET � PAGE \* xxxxxxxxxxx �2�

x xxx of xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx for xxxxxxxx x Carpet



A xxx of xxxxxx instructions xxx cleaning x carpet

For those xxxxxx whose cleanliness xxx orderliness xx a priority, carpet cleaning is an important part xx xxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxx homes are xxxxxx Different carpets xxxxxxx different methods xx xxxxxxxxx However, cleaning x carpet xxxxx a vacuum cleaner xx the most xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxx cleaning many xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx x xxxxxx xxx take several hours to xxxx a whole xxxx xxxxxxxxxx when there xxx stubborn xxxxxxx

Required materials

xxxxxx detergent

A broom

x vacuum xxxxxxxx

xxxxx cleaner


xxxxxxxx instructions xxx xxxxxxxxxx

xxx first xxxx in cleaning x carpet xx xx xxx xx appropriate xxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxx getting the appropriate xxxxxx xxxxxxx it xx

- - - more text follows - - -

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