write 5 pages Apa style about part two of this project (please see attached part one) + create 5-6 slide PowerPoint presentation summarizing part 1&2 together.


Part 2
The practicum project consists of two parts. In part two, each student will continue the analysis

of the business activities of the company they have chosen. The results of this research will be

written up in an essay (minimum five pages) addressing the following questions:

1. How does the company market its products? What are some of the most successful marketing

techniques used by the company?

2. What is the company’s market share in the global marketplace?

3. How does the company deal with market regulations, tariffs, and labor legislation in the

countries where it operates?

4. How does the company deal with labor issues: is its workforce diverse, what compensation

and benefits are offered to its workers, how does it deal with discrimination in the workplace?

5. What are the environmental policies of the company?



Create a 5-6 slide PowerPoint presentation summarizing your Practicum Project work


and findings (part 1 and 2 together abput coca cola)

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