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I would like you to think of what some of these 21st century problems are, however, I want you to break these problems down into two categories.

Firstly, what problems/issues (specifically cultural and social) do you feel the Western world has to go through.

Secondly, what cultural and social problems does the Eastern world (any country including and east of Turkey) have to go through.

Do both sides of the world go through similar problems? Or are they different? 

And more importantly, do you think each side can learn something from the other? 

What do you think the West can teach the East? And what can the East teach the West?

Try to focus your essay primarily on cultural and social issues, but it's acceptable to discuss problems outside of this.

Please see below rubric and guidelines:

Problems the Western world has, with examples - 5 marks

Problems the Eastern world has, with examples - 5 marks

Are the problems similar or different, examples - 5 marks

What can the West teach the East, and East teach the West - 5 marks

Grammar, spelling and punctuation - 5 marks

Word Limit - 500 words (Times New Roman, 12 point

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