According to Coulomb's Law, two electrically charged particles attract or repel one another with a force F that is proportional to their charges q1 and q2 and inversely proportional to the square of the distance r between them: F = k q1 q2 / r 2 The constant of proportionality, k, is called Coulomb's constant. If the force is measured in newtons (that is, kilogram-meters per second squared) and the charges are measured in coulombs, the value of Coulomb's constant is 8.988 * 109 newton-square-meters per square coulomb (8.988 * 109 N m2 / C2). Analyze the problem, design a solution and then develop a C++ program to implement the formula above to computes the force of repulsion between two similarly charged particles, given their charges (in coulombs) and the distance between them (in meters). Prompt user for charge for each particle and the distance between them. Produce a report presenting all the values clearly labeled including units associated with them. Print the values in 2 forms once in fixed format using 5 digits precision for all values and a second time using scientific notation. Make sure to include your analysis and design (algorithm) as a comment block with your program 

Program #2
A right circular cone has a circular base, and the line from the center of the base to the tip of the cone forms a right angle with the base.
If you know the height (h) of a cone and the radius (r) of the base of the cone, then you can calculate the slant height (s), surface area (a), and volume (v) of the cone using the following formulas.
Slant Height: s = √
Surface Area: A =
Volume: v =
Note that the slant height is the hypotenuse of the right triangle, whose other two sides are the height and the radius of the base.
Again, don’t let the equations intimidate you. These formulas simply perform addition, multiplication, division, squaring, and finding a square root.
Write a program that will:
 Display a program description to the user before asking for any input.·
 Defines a constant for PI, using fixed notation, carried out to 5 decimal places (value for Pi was given in program 1).·
 Read the height of a right circular cone, as input from the user.·
 Read the radius of the base of a right circular cone, as input from the user.·



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