Win 50$ in the short homework answers competition

The first teacher that gets 100 points wins 50$

You get points by answering short homework posts. Go to 'Search homework' to see these posts.

In a nutshell, you get points for three types of answers:

  • First correct answer - 5 points
  • Meaningful non first answer - 3 points
  • Answer by a teacher your referred to - 3 points

There are more details below, please read them.

The competition starts now. It ends when a teacher gains 100 points

Good luck and may the best teacher win !!!

More details:

  • Each detailed and correct FIRST answer will win you 5 points.
  • If it's not the first current answer but you add a meaningful contribution, your'll get 3 points.
  • If a teacher you referred to gets 5 points for answering a question, you get 3 points. When referring a teacher to use your personal referral link: