Literature Review

Summarize the current literature relevant on the: Why the International Criminal Court Failed to bring justice in Kenya and Rwanda. Is the International Criminal Court ineffective in addressing global concerns of human rights abuses/crime of against humanity? For the literature review, explore at least three clear research articles that have used theories and methodologies so you can review the theories and methods used in the research.  A literature review is an analytical essay containing an introduction (including a thesis and a research question), body (where you use research to support your issue and tie the resources back to your research question), and a conclusion.

Thesis statement: Why the International Criminal Court failed to bring Justice in Kenya and Rwanda.
•    Do the literature review by utilizing the
•    Peer-Review, Journal Articles
•    International relations research articles
•    Political science academic journals.

Here are some articles addressing similar topics:
Bringing the Guilty to Justice: Can the ICC be Self-Enforcing?
Ali, Nada. Chicago Journal of International Law 14.2  (Winter 2014): 408-452.
This is a case study of Lord Resistance Army in Uganda and International Criminal Court and should provide some framework for your case study:
Uganda's Civil War and the Politics of International Criminal Court Intervention.
Branch, Adam.  Ethics & International Affairs 21.2  (Summer 2007): 179-198,163.
Here is another article. It suggests the failures are due to a lack of enforcement capabilities: Why the ICC Should Operate Within Peace Processes
Rodman, Kenneth AView Profile. Ethics & International Affairs26.1 (Spring 2012): 59-71.
Once you have the articles you wish to review, you will assess three of the theoretical positions (the “why”) taken in the articles.
  Evaluates a theory for its explanation of the problem and why the problem occurred, using peer-reviewed research that embodies the essence of the theory. This could be realism, structuralism, liberalism, image theory, theories on individual behavior, institutionalism.
Then assess the research overall on the ability to explain the why of your chosen thesis statement. Assesses each source’s addition to the analysis and accumulation of information, reflects on current limits or gaps in the information, details where further research needs to be done, and provides a preliminary hypothesis for further research.

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