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Colleges in the Colonial Era

Course Syllabi

EDU 662

A course syllabus is a student’s first look at what they will be studying. This is the students’ introduction to the course, the subject matter being taught, and you as the teacher. What is your definition of a “learner-centered” syllabus? What should be included in a learner-centered syllabus? How is a syllabus different in an online environment? Describe whether you have found course syllabi useful or not useful? What do you think of the syllabus for this course? How would you improve the course syllabus? Do you believe online students should be held accountable for reading the syllabus? Why or why not?


Beyond that function, however, as we look at our own experiences with syllabi as students and as teachers both, and as we answer the questions in the prompt above, I also want to think about what the most important function of a syllabus might be in an ideal world.


**APA Format**

**At least 1 Page**

**Provide at least 3 References including book***


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