Who is going to help me with my two history essays?



The first essay is about discussing the positive and negative social consequences of the "American Industrial Revolution." What benefits accrued from the rapid rise in the economic status of the United States, what were its social costs, and how do you weigh the balance between them?


The second essay is about Describe the competing cultural trends in the 1920s, including nativism, modernism, fundamentalism, black nationalism, and racism. Identify the reasons for the reemergence of the Ku Klux Klan, the origins of the black cultural renaissance, and the religious and social debates that led to the Scopes trial in Tennessee.


The payment is going to be divided into two payments the first payment is $15 then after I see the first draft and I agree I pay the rest.


1- 4 pages each essay.

2- MLA

3- Check out the files to have a better idea about the essays.

4- No copies at all.

5- No citied needed.

6- Mentioning dates and what had happended are important.


If you don't want to waste your time follow these things and the exact info in the files because I'm going to go over it carefully.


Thats all 


If you are ready to do it contcat me!

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