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Women and Aging: Media Analysis

You will analyze the depiction of older women within the media. You will choose a minimum of three types of media (i.e. television, newspaper, greeting cards, movies, newspaper articles, magazine articles, advertisements, etc.) to write about it. Below are some questions to consider within your paper. Your paper will be typewritten, double spaced, 3-5 pages and APA format. For help with APA formatting visit this link

  • Who is the intended audience for the piece of media you are analyzing?
  • In what roles do the older women appear?
  • What level of education do the women seem to hold?
  • What socioeconomic status do the older women seem to come from?
  • If an ad, what is it they are trying to sell? How does it make its appeal to the potential consumer?
  • Does the media reinforce or violate cultural norms?
  • Are they major or minor characters?
  • Are they portrayed sympathetically or used in ways that perpetuate stereotypes?
  • Is the media being analyzed an accurate portrayal of older women?
  • Does the media being analyzed contribute to ageism?
  • What are some recommendations that could be made to the creators of the media to make it more women-aging friendly?
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