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Digital current events

Due: February 26,2017


o   Demonstrate knowledge of news articles from electronic sources related to contemporary issues in U.S. K-12 urban education (NOT college or university level). It should be about some educational policy, either national, statewide, or local.

o   Write a critical response, in prose format, (2 pages, DOUBLE SPACED, 1” MARGINS, FOOTER).  There is no need for a title or header as your name, class, assignment are in already in footer (see below).

o   Sample Sources: (NOT Huffington Post, opinion pages, or blogs)

     Newspapers: www.boston.com; www.chicagotribune.com; www.csmonitor.com; www.latimes.com; baltimoresun.com

     www.nytimes.com; www.sunspot.net; www.washingtonpost.com

     Magazines: Newsweek, Time, US News, etc.

     Other:  www.ap.org; www.bbc.co.uk; www.cnn.com; www.npr.org

Refer to Rubric Below:

o   Did you reference the article specifically? Use quotes from the article?

o   Analyze the article in terms of the author’s critical thinking.

     Who wrote the article and why? Multiple perspectives?

     Statistics? What information or perspective is missing?

     This paper should be on US K-12 urban education, should be 2 page critical analysis of the “Article” used validated the source

o   Did you make connections and references to the class readings?

o   Did you provide YOUR opinion on the event?

o   Always provide footer in THIS FORMAT:

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