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what is the greenhouse affect diagram

what is the greenhouse affect diagram

Submitted by Pooja6666 on Mon, 2012-06-04 02:56
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Green house effect explanation with two diagrams

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The xxxxxxxxxx effect definition xxxxx read xx 'the process by which xxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxx in the xxxxxxx atmosphere trap heat xx the sun xxx xxxxxxxx the xxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxx in xxx xxxxxxx of xxxxxxxxxx

xx is x xxxxxxx phenomenon which prevents xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx fluctuations on xxx Earth during day xxx xxxxxx xxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxx gases like xxxxxx dioxide, xxxxx xxxxx xxx xxxxxxx in xxx Earth's atmosphere xxxx xxxxxxx xxx energy of xxx xxx xxxx xxxxx radiated xxx into the space xx xxx xxxxxxx surface. xxxxxxx these xxxxxx the temperature xx the Earth would plummet xx -18° Celsius, xxxxxx than the normal xxxx xxxxxxxx Let us xxxxxxxxxx the phenomenon xxxx xxx help of a few xxxxxxxx attached here.

xxxxxxx xx xx the xxxxxx xxxxxxx through xxx xxxxxxxxxx xxx reaches xxx Earth, the xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxx xxxxxx

A xxxxx of xxx of xxx xxxxx xxxxxx is xxxxxxxxx xx the atmosphere and xxx clouds xxxx into the space. Around xx xx scattered xx the atmosphere xxx the remaining xxx xx reflected xx

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