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Submitted by renfuys8 on Mon, 2017-01-09 19:08
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What are the differences between developed and emerging market countries and how are they viewed by the marketplace?

I need 2-3 paragraphs by 10 PM today.  It is 6PM right now. If you cant do it by my deadline, please dont respond.

Submitted by bulrich777 on Mon, 2017-01-09 19:43
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xxxxx xxx xxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxx of xxxxxxx that a country xxxxx be xxx They xxx xxxxxx going to have x developed market xx a developing xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx markets are xx they xxxxx xxxx developed xx advanced than developing markets. xxx xxxxxxx a developed market is xxxxx to have a higher xxx xxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx markets in these xxxxxxxxx are going xx xx much more developed with high xxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxx involved. Examples xx countries xxxx xxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx the United States, Canada, xxxx xx xxxxxxx Europe, xxx xxxxx xxx example. These countries xxx seen xxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx and wealthier than xxxxx developing xxxxxxxxxx xxx opportunities xxx not as xxxxxxxxx xx many cases as people often xxxxxxx xxxx the xxxx advanced products xxxxxxxxxx

x xxxxxxxxxx market on the xxxxx hand is going to xx much xxxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxx markets which xxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxx themselves xxxxxx xxxx xxx xxxxx way behind xxxxxxxxx markets xxxx xxxxxx per capita xxxxxxxxxxx The xxxxxx here xxx

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