Wesfarmers Limited and Woolworth Limited

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Executive Summary


Wesfarmers Limited and Woolworth Limited are leading companies in the retail industry, which are listed on the Australian Stock Market. As Rahman&Dalabeeh (2013) points out, the analysis is essential to evaluate the financial performance of an enterprise given that it can provide appropriate and accurate information for decision-maker.do not paraphrase

This report takes a keen look on the above mentioned companies interms of

The report aims to evaluate these two companies’ financial performance in order to assist investors to determinewhether to invest all his life-time savings or not. In fact, the analytical methods applied in this research include horizontal analysis on the Income Statement and Cash Flow Statement, Vertical Analysis on the Income Statement and Balance Sheet, and a range of Ratio Analysis, which is based on the two companies’ annual reports from 2011 to 2013.


In the following pages, the paper will firstly introduce the relevant background regardingthe companies and the retail industry. After that, horizontal, vertical and ratiosanalysis of the pros and cons of investing in the companywill be conducted so as to help investors for decision-making. In particular, detailed evaluationsinclude relevant data with regard to companies’ financial performance will also elaborated. In addition, it discusses the company’s generalprospectin the foreseeable future.At last, an overall conclusion and relevant recommendations for the companies’ sustainable development

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