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Just need 1350 – 1650 words in MLA format


Introduction to agricultural Policy


  • Terms, terms, terms

  • The policy setting

  • How our government works (or is supposed to work)

  • Why is the government involved in agriculture?

  • The policy process

  • Lobbying, money, and power


International Trade and the U. S. Agriculture Policy


  • The world food supply

  • Supply? Demand? And the role of economics

  • Trade terminology

  • Trade groups

  • Trade policies


Domestic Policy


  • The farm problem

  • How did we get to where we are today, and can we get off?

  • Contemporary farm legislation

  • The structure of agriculture


Environmental Policy


  • Public goods

  • Rural development policies

  • Pollution

  • How does agriculture live with environmentalism?

  • Market solutions to environmental policy issues


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