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Due Date – Monday, Nov. 05th (Hist. 350.101) & Thurs., Nov. 10th (Hist. 360.001, 002 & 003)




NOTE:This project is a Compulsory Course Requirement.Each student, without exception, must complete the Research Paper/Essay Assignment in order to successfully complete the course/class.




TOPIC/THEME:The Abolition of the “Atlantic Slave Trade” and/or “Slavery”: An important theme/area in the study of the African Diaspora is the Abolition of Slavery and the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade. Abolition freed tens of thousands of enslaved Africans in many societies in which the British, French, Dutch and Spanish slave holders held African peoples in colonies in the New World against their will. These Africans were forced into enslavement in societies such as the United States, the Caribbean islands such as Cuba, Jamaica and Barbados and in the Dutch colony of Suriname, as well as in Brazil under Portuguese rule. Why after over three hundred years of enslavement and inhumane treatment were the enslaved Africans finally set free from bondage? Why and how did the slave trade that ferried African victims across the Atlantic Ocean suddenly come to an end?  Who were the people responsible for these monumental changes? What factors motivated their actions? What role, if any, did the enslaved workers play in their own freedom? What tactics were employed in this effort to free enslaved workers?


This semester’s focus for the research assignment is on abolition of the slave trade and in the abolition of the institution of slavery. Students are expected to write an essay on any aspect of abolition. Students can discuss how and why abolition came about in any of the slave societies. Students are expected to discuss the factors that led to abolition. How were plantation owners still able to maintain control over the social, economic and political aspects of the varying societies?


This essay provides a historical examination on abolition and its immediate and long term consequences and challenges for the former enslaved workers. Students can also discuss the legacy of enslavement on African peoples and their descendants in the African diaspora.




The following terms must be used, defined and included or incorporated within the text of the essay, preferably in the introduction: Diaspora, Abolition, Emancipation, Progress, Humanity, Adversity and Resilience. Students are expected to incorporate these terms within the context of the essay and express their meaning within the context of the essay.       




DUE DATE & A Note of Warning: The final essay is due at class time on Monday, November 07, 2016 and at class time on Thursday, November 10, 2016. No Late submissions, regardless of the reason will be accepted. There are no exceptions to this rule. Final submissions must be presented in a folder and must include all notes / rough drafts, etc. taken and made during the writing of the assignment. Failure to submit the research essay assignment on time and without the accompanying notes can, and will, substantially reduce your total points and will hurt your chances of successfully completing the course.






This essay must be written, composed and organized by you, the student.....


·         The text of the essay must be at least 5 (five) full pages in length. The text of the essay must not exceed 7 (seven) pages.


·         The Essay must contain Footnotes or Endnotes and a BIBLIOGRAPHICAL listing of articles and books used in the compilation of the essay. At least 7 (seven) Bibliographical sources must be consulted and cited. Limit your use of Internet and Encyclopedia sources. The text book can be used and listed, but not as one of the required 7 (seven) required sources. On-line Journal articles can be used in this research. Students are encouraged to develop an outline of the essay and to consult with the instructor to ensure that the research is on the right track. Your outline must include potential topics of discussion within the essay, as well as sources to be consulted in your research.       


·          Once again, Students are encouraged to make an outline of their research essay and present it to the instructor for critique and adjustments. Students are also encouraged from time to time, during the research and writing process, to consult with the Instructor. This will ensure that your research is acceptable and is on the right track. Do remember, to include the outline in the final presentation.




NOTE: The final essay is due, at class time, on Monday, November 07th (For History 350.101 students) and Thursday, November 10th (For History 350:001, 002, 003 students).  All presentations must be submitted in a folder and must include all notes, rough drafts, etc. taken and made during the drafting and writing of the essay. Late submissions will not be accepted.  Failure to submit the research assignment on time and without the term paper notes can and will substantially reduce your point total and may eventually hurt your chances of successfully completing the course. 




Some Pointers/Reminders for the Term Paper:




The Research Essay is worth 20% of the final grade.




Points will be awarded for:


·         Originality and coherent expression of thought, ideas and arguments.


·         Organization and expression.


·         Adherence to the research methods adhered to by historians. (Use of footnotes and a Bibliographical listing of Sources)


·          Adherence to the stated guidelines for this essay presentation.








·         The final essay must be typewritten, with a one inch margin to the left of the page and, at least. a half inch margin on the right. A type size font of 12 is suggested.


·         The final presentation must be made in a Folder and must be accompanied by all notes made in the compilation of the essay.


·         The essay text must be, at least, 5 pages full pages in length. It must be no longer than 7 (seven) pages.


·         The Essay must have 1. An introductory paragraph. 2. Additional paragraphs comprising the body of the essay, and 3. A concluding paragraph/section


·         Through the use of Footnotes or Endnotes, students must cite the source(s) of information, including quotations, found in the text of the essay. Information to be included in such citations are as follows:


            1. The writer’s name.       2. The title of the work (Underlined or Italicized).


            3. City of Publication.       4. Publisher           5. Year of Publication


            6. The page number (s) from where the information is gathered. 


Example: John Hope Franklin, From Slavery to Freedom: A History of African Americans. Seventh Edition (New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1980), 22-23.


Note: each individual Footnote or Endnote must have a individual and different number and must be listed in numerical order of 1, 2, 3 etc.  A corresponding number must be listed in the text to indicate and correspond with the reference cited in the footnote or endnote.


·          Except for the first page, all pages of the text of the essay must be numbered. Numbering begins on page 2, the second page of the text, and proceeds accordingly.




Order of Presentation of the Research Paper:


·         Title or Cover Page.


·         Blank Page (will be used for notes & observations, if needed, by the Instructor).


·         Text of the Essay, in paragraph organization, with Footnote citations. Footnotes


            indicate the source of specific pieces of information mentioned in the text.


·         Endnotes. (Endnotes are not required if footnotes are used).


·         BIBLIOGRAPHY. (Do not use the term “Work Cited.”). This is a listing of the   


            Sources used in the compilation of the essay.


·         NOTES used in the development of the research and writing of the essay.


            Without, exception, these notes must be included in the final presentation.


·         Present your final Term Paper Essay in a Folder accompanied by notes used in the development of the essay.


·          Did you number the pages? The cover page, the blank page and the first page of the text are not to be numbered. Begin numbering from page 2, the page after the first page of the text of the essay with the number 2, and proceed accordingly to 3, 4, etc.  Points will be deducted for non-compliance with this provision!! v

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