Question 1 The Internet has allowed many companies to shift sales support for small accounts to e-commerce sites and away from sales personnel. Additionally, many regularly occurring functions have become automated, allowing customers with any size organization to use web-based systems to place orders and submit warranty requests. Can you think of any other areas where Internet-based technologies could change the way a sales force interacts with their customers? Question 2 For many organizations, relationship marketing is more important than any individual transaction, because these long-term relationships can yield greater overall profitability. Find two examples of organisations where this is applicable and discuss the benefits and drawbacks for both firms Homework In addition to preparing the discussion questions, find a relevant article in a Journal or Newspaper relating to the issue of customer focus or Customer Relationship building for discussion on the forum. The discussion will consider: a) Why is this article relevant to the topic? b) Can any of the marketing related theory from this chapter be related to the article? c) What can be learned from this?
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