Assignment #1: Mission, Vision, and Values

In this Assignment, you will look at the differences between the Vision Statement you completed in Unit 1 and the possible Mission Statement for Tim’s, by doing some research on the Internet. Choose several corporate websites and review their Vision and Mission statements.

  • Then decide on an appropriate mission statement for Tim’s business.
  • You will revise the company goals
  • Revise the responsibilities and the associated tasks of the employees and Tim based on your Mission statement and the Vision statement. Provide at least three (3) manager responsibilities, two (2) responsibilities of Tim as the owner, and two (2) tasks associated with each of those five responsibilities.

View the Assignment details and rubric below. Respond in a minimum of 4 pages in APA format and citation style that includes a title page and references page and submit this to the Dropbox before the end of this unit.

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