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b) Can you identify the trends that have made both the marketing concept and the customer concept, more attractive models for modern marketing managers?

Submitted by shahimermaid on Thu, 2012-01-26 10:49
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Both the concepts have been explained in the file attached

body preview (84 words)

xxx xxxxxx xxxx xxxx made xxxx xxx xxxxxxxxx concept xxx xxx customer xxxxxxxx xxxx attractive models for modern xxxxxxxxx managers.

xxxxxx xxxxxxxx is xxx xxxx xxx both the concepts xxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxx customer. xxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxx a xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx that xxxxxx be xxxxxxx this comes xx x xxxxxx xxx xxxxxx marketing manager are providing the xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xx x price.when the xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx from xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx they xxxxx the rate xxx xxxx the xxxxx for xxxxxx and then earn xxxx xxx xxxxxxx

file1.docx preview (632 words)

The marketing xxxxxxx helps in achieving xxxxxxxxxxxxxx goals by xxxxx more effective than xxxxxxxxxxx xx integrating xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx toward xxxxxxxxxxx xxx satisfying the needs and xxxxx of target markets.

 The xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx rests xx xxxx pillars: xxxxxx xxxxxxx customer needs, xxxxxxxxxx marketing, and xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

xxxxxx market:  xx xxxxxxx xxx operate in xxxxx xxxxxx and xxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxx xxx it xxxxxx xx x xxxx job xxxxxx one broad market.

Customer needs: xxxxxxxxx xx xxxxx meeting xxxxx xx target markets xxxxxxxxxxx xxx key to professional xxxxxxxxx xx xx understand their xxxxxxxxx’ xxxx needs xxx meet xxxx xxxxxx xxxx any competitor can.

Integrated Marketing: xxxx all xxx company’x xxxxxxxxxxx xxxx together to serve xxx customer’s interests, xxx result xx integrated marketing. Integrated xxxxxxxxx xxxxx xx xxx xxxxxxx First, xxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx functions-sales force, xxxxxxxxxxxx product management, xxxxxxxxx research, xxx xx on – xxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx

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