Week 6 TA


One thing you probably noticed in the Rob Joyce video from this week is that his slides have no content on them at all, just titles. You assignment is to help him out by creating content for his slides!


So your assignment is to create a PowerPoint presentation with 8 slides. Your first two slides should be identical to his. The next six slides will have the same title as his slides, but you will be adding three bullet points to each of those six slides, each bullet point describing one action that he says can be taken by defenders of a network to make it difficult for his team at that step in the infiltration.


Each bullet point must describe an action. For instance, “Passwords” is not an acceptable bullet point because it doesn't say what to do about passwords. Instead, you might write “Don't reuse passwords across different systems” is.
Don't just make stuff up! Each bullet point must be something he actually said in his talk. You can repeat his exact words, though in most cases you are better off paraphrasing.


Bullet points need to be concise and to the point. 5-10 words for a bullet point is plenty, if you are writing more, it isn't concise. And some may even be shorter.


It would be great if you had nice graphics on your slides, BUT … this isn't a PowerPoint class, so graphics are not required. You don't have to use the same background he uses, though if you happen to recognize that as a standard background, please do use it.

Here is the Link you will find the Video and the Slides


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