Week 5 Assignment

Need Following java program

Test Cases (5 points): Create a list of test cases for each assigned exercise. Refer to Developing Test Cases in the Getting Started Module for instructions on how to develop a full set of test cases.

1. (20 points): You have been hired to write a program for the Hollywood Movie Rating Guide, in which users continuously enter a value from 0 to 4 that indicates the number of stars they are awarding to the Guide’s featured Movie of the Week.
The program executes continuously until a user enters a negative number to quit. If a user enters a star value that does not fall in the correct range or if the user inputs a non numeric value (error handling), prompt the user a maximum of three time for a correct value. After three incorrect entries, issue an appropriate message and continue with next star value.
Hint: think of a data entry clerk with a stack of 3X5 cards, keying in a star value from each card. If he mistypes the star value on a card, give him up to three times to get it right, then prompt him to move on to the next card. When he reaches the bottom of the stack, he types in -1 to quit. (I think I just dated myself by referencing data entry clerks...)
At the end of the program, display the name of the featured Movie of the Week (your current favorite), the number of ratings received and the average star rating for the movie.

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    Week 5 java Assignment Solution

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