Week 4 review post 2 minimum of 150 words apa format


Week 4 review post 2 minimum of 150 words apa format




When a project is completed or coming close to the completion date, it is not always a success just because it is done. There are multiple things that can be analyzed to determine if the project was successful. Some questions that can be asked are as follows: was it completed in the scheduled amount of time; did you go over budget; did you use more resources than stated due to things going wrong. I would say that one of the most important tools used to monitor the success of a project is a project burn down chart. According to Kloppenborg (2015), "A burn down chart shows the number of days in the iteration on the horizontal axis and both the planned number of work days of work remaining and the actual number of work days of work remaining on the vertical axis" (pg. 391). This is very helpful because it gives the project manager a heads up on whether they will complete the schedule in the alloted amount of time. If it doesn't seem like things will get accomplished on time, the project manager can then tweak the work schedule so that it gets completed on time. The project burn down chart can also show you if the work being put in is on track with what was expected. Most project managers will estimate how much work should be getting accomplished on a daily basis. The project burn down chart will show them exactly how much work was accomplished each day and how much additional work has to be done on the remaining days to make up for it. Although a burn down chart is typically used with agile projects, I think it could be very useful with any project.

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Kloppenborg, T. J. (2015). Contemporary Project Management. 3rd edition. Stamford, CT. Cengage Learning.

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