Week 3 Discussions:

1.) "Globalization has made cultural values irrelevant as a factor influencing multinational business and accounting." Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Explain your reasoning. Support your position with scholarly articles. Do not forget to include proper APA formatting.

2.) You are an accountant in charge of designing and implementing a successful performance evaluation system for a foreign subsidiary.
- What measure or measures will you use to evaluate the subsidiary’s performance?
- Will you treat the foreign operation as a cost, profit, or investment center?
-Will you separate the subsidiary’s performance from that of the manager?

Be specific in your answer and be sure to provide examples

3.) One of your clients is looking to diversify their portfolio, and asks you to analyze the ratios and financial statements of various foreign companies. Before you advise your client where to invest a large sum of money, (1) what are some of the potential problems in analyzing foreign financial statements, and (2) why should you be careful in comparing financial ratios across companies operating in different countries. 




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