Week 3 Assignment Examining HIPAA Regulations


Assignment: Examining HIPAA Regulations

Start by clicking the link below:


Choose one of the case examples provided and discuss your understanding of the manner in which HIPAA was violated. 

In your paper, please start by pasting the title of the case at the top of your paper and then begin your paper beneath that title.  That will help everyone determine which case you are referring to.  Example:

"Public Hospital Corrects Impermissible Disclosure of PHI in Response to a Subpoena"

Be specific in your discussion of the issues including citing to the applicable section(s) of HIPAA.  Here is a link to more information about HIPAA:


Your answer should be no less than 350 words.
Your finished work must be at least 350 words in length.  I do not count your header, your title or your references towards your 350 words. 
Please DO NOT type your answer into the text box.  Please draft your answers in a MS Word document and attach your work when you submit.  I can only read files created in MS Word.  Those files end in .docx, .doc, and .rtf.  I cannot open or read .wps or .wpd files.  Please do not send files you created in MS WORKS.  


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