Week 2 AssignmentResearch Proposal

Week 2 Discussion: Topic Selection

Please post the topic you plan to explore. Include why you selected it and how it impacts your profession.


Your submission should be at least 250 words. 


At the end of the discussion, you will be asked to craft a 150 word reflection on what you have learned through this conversation and post it to the Weekly Reflection Journal. The more active you are in this part of the discussion, the more you will have to draw from in your reflection, so get involved, be active, help out your classmates when they need it, and, most of all, enjoy the conversation.


Week 2: Reflection Journal

This week, through our work, we have examined the ways we use research to help solve problems, how we choose topics to write about, and how we use the work of others to help support our ideas. Additionally, we have begun to explore the following course outcomes:


•Apply knowledge of the liberal arts and/or sciences appropriate to the discipline

•Survey professional journals., magazines, books and other texts for topic source validity

•Begin to recognize the key elements of a research paper


In this reflection journal, in at least 150 words, reflect back on what you have learned so far through the course readings, assignment (if you’ve completed it yet), and our discussion. Consider the following questions to guide your reflection:


•What, if anything, did you find surprising, particularly challenging, interesting, or useful?

•From what you know about this course so far, what connections can you make to previous learning experiences, and how do you think this course will help you as you move forward in your college and professional life?

•How do the course outcomes for this week apply to your experience so far?

•What questions do you still need answered?


Week 2 AssignmentResearch Proposal

Using the checklist provided on pages 47 and 48 of the text, please prepare and post a document explaining your proposed research project. First, explicitly state your two disciplines from the list: (Psychology, Sociology, Science, Government, History, Computer Science, Business, Literature (Note - this will require a complex literary review), Economics and Criminal Justice).  After explicitly stating your disciplines, answer questions 1-4 on the checklist, and explain your choices.  Your response should be a minimum of 500 words.  


In addition, you may want to review the following documents:

Conceptualizing the Paper

Grantham University Soft Skills Rubric


Requirements for the Final Course Paper

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    Week 2 AssignmentResearch Proposal

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