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Reference the following resources:

  • Table 2-2 Different Categories for Twisted-pair Cable
  • Table 3-3 Optical Ethernet Numerics
  • Mayberry Satellite Campus Network Diagram

Review the Network Configuration Visio® document of the Mayberry Satellite Campus. This diagram will be used throughout the course.

Scenario:  As an IT networking trainee for your organization, your supervisor has given you an assignment to review and evaluate ways for improving the network at the Mayberry Satellite Campus. Your task, as detailed below, is to review the existing network cabling and provide an upgrade recommendation to improve the speed of the network. Take into consideration that the campus may deploy voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone sets at some point in the future.

Prepare a 1-2 page table using Microsoft® Word or Microsoft® Excel® to summarize your recommendation. The table should have the following column headings:

  • Current cabling
  • Solution 1
  • Solution 2

The table should use the following row headings:

  • Cabling type/standard
  • Cabling function (desktop to wall plate, between switches, etc.)
  • Rated speed
  • Maximum segment length
  • Cost per foot (bulk)

Within the table, indicate the specifications of two possible hard-wired solutions that would improve the speed of the network. Your solutions may use UTP, fiber, or a combination of the two.

Include a comments section either below the table, or on a separate page, and discuss the following two points.

  • What are the benefits and drawbacks of installing the most recent cabling standard (UTP, fiber, or both), as compared with installing an older standard?
  • Would wireless (IEEE 802.11) be an acceptable alternative for providing network access for desktop PCs and VoIP phone sets? Why or why not?

While the entire document is not required to be formatted according to APA guidelines, you are required to include at least two references, one of which must be from course materials.

Submit your assignment using the Assignment Files tab.

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