Website design questions


Read the text along with the lecture to research Typography, Graphics and Color and how they apply to building a web site. Also feel free to use Internet resources to support your discussion. If you copy and paste from a source, you must use direct quotes; however, direct quotes should be used SPARINGLY, if at all.  Paraphrase instead.  Be sure to cite your sources using APA style, even when you paraphrase.  

  1. To demonstrate your understanding of type and typeface as critical components of web page design, discuss how you would use these to assign hierarchy, create style, and organize your page visually or graphically.
  2. Discuss the two type styles of typography, explaining how their differences effect your presentation within a webpage, and how you might use each to achieve your objectives.
  3. Explain the attributes of image coding and what each contributes to the presentation of your image, and why you might use an alt attribute to display a text alternative to an image.
  4. Clarify why your image may not display correctly as you view your page, or the image is not loading properly, and what you would need to do to correct this.
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