Web Service Implementation Exercise

Web Service Implementation Exercise Instructions


Web services consist of a set of messaging protocols and programming standards that expose business functions over the Internet using open standards. A web service is a discrete, reusable software component that is accessed programmatically over the Internet to return a response. For this assignment, you will find a web service that you can consume using HTML or ASP and Javascript.


Step 1: Find web services in a UDDI registry.


The easiest way to discover WSDL web services is to search on Google. These results will give you a lot of web services to choose from. It is up to you which service you will consume into your program.


Step 2: Create a user-interface that will interact with the web service.


You will create a form that will require the user to input data in order to interact and receive data back from the WSDL web service. For example, you may create a form that consumes the web service for movie theatres in your area. A form containing a text field that requires the zip code and a submit button would return results of all movie theaters in that zip code area.


Submit all files associated with this assignment in a zipped folder.



Submit this assignment by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Monday of Module/Week 5.

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