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Web Research Discussion: Airspace and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

  1. Search the Internet for pertinent information that supports the integration of unmanned aerial systems into the National Airspace Plan and the Air Traffic Control system.
  2. Write a 250-word summary describing how ATC Interoperability can be smoothly integrated and also discuss problems associated with this integration. Some subjects to consider are human factors, low altitude operations safety, noise reduction, UAS traffic management, and UAS wake separation standards for UAS integration into the NAS.
  3. Post the URL of the website you selected along your summary 
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xxxxxxx xxxxx AIRSPACE xxx xxxxxxxx AERIAL VEHICLES

xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx Control Interoperability






xxxxxxxx Traffic xxxxxxx Interoperability

 xxxxxxxx and xxxxxxxx Aerial xxxxxxxx and xxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx can be smoothly integrated xxx xxxx discuss xxxxxxxx associated with this integration.

Aircraft xxx xxxxxxxxxx in two xxxxxxxxx systems that xxx unmanned xxx xxxxxx aircraft. Unmanned xxxxxxxx system allows xxxxxxxx xx xxx xxxxxxx any xxxxxxx from the xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx Manned aircraft system that is xxxx to xxxxxxx aircraft in xxx airspace. xxx control of xxxxxx aircraft in the xxx xx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx utilization xx xxx xxxxxxxx traffic system xxxxxxx States. 2006). xxx which xx the procedure xx xxxxx aircraft are xxxxxxx xxxxxx xx xxx xxx and at the xxxxxxx xx xxxxx xxxx are going to land xxx fly again. xxxxx is x centralised xxxxxxxx designed xx control the aircraft traffic in the air to xxxxx collisions.

It is xxxxxxxxx for

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