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WEB 240 WEEK 2 Individual Website Design and Development First Draft

WEB 240 WEEK 2 Individual Website Design and Development First Draft

Part 1


A website plan serves as a blueprint for developing a website. The plan identifies the purpose of the site, your audience, and the specific content and features that must be added to the site to accomplish the site’s objectives.


Complete a First Draft of your Website Plan, using a Microsoft® Word document or a Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation, that addresses the following areas:


·        Topic

·        Purpose


  • Why do you need this site?
  • Why do your visitors need this site?


·        Audience


  • Brief description of target audience
  • General geographic location of audience
  • Estimate number of people
  • Estimate average age
  • Familiarity with computers and Internet
  • Key target audience insight – Most compelling thing you want the audience to think, learn or do as a result of visiting the site


·        A visual mockup of the layout of your site’s home page using drawing tools in a Microsoft® Word document, a Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation, or a graphic program


Part 2


Create a homepage for your planned site that demonstrates effective application of design elements. Use only Adobe® Dreamweaver® or another HTML editor to create a basic web page based on the web plan you have developed. This page is the homepage of your website. Save your site homepage as index.html or default.html.


Check your HTML code using the Markup Validation Service on the W3C® website, ( prior to submitting your web page(s).


Submit all website files in a compressed folder.