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WATCH: TED Talks: Hans Rosling - Population Growth Explained with IKEA Boxes (10:04)


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Watch Hans Rosling's TED Talk: Global Population Growth, box by box.

In the comments section, a person posted that they reject Rosling's idea because of the following:
"First,you can't use 1 box to stand for 1 billion people. The sample was too big to represent for a group, which means that the grouping made no sense.  Second, poverty will never disappear no only it's made by human but also it's one of the reason that society can advance. Just think about normal distribution, the poor and the rich will always coexist which means improving the poor's life conditions is a pseudo-proposition. So I'm confused that why there are so many people devote charity. Because of needs of mental or some other reasons?"

How would you present your opinion to this person in terms of both his critique of the "sample used" and also his reference to "the normal distribution."
What is a normal distribution and how has this person misused the term in this particular context?

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