Wal-Marts Business Practices 8 pages/2200 words due in 72 hours from now 4 sources needed


Topic: � Wal-Mart�s Business Practices 1. Define the central OB issue or problem. a. Substantiate multiple aspects of the problem or issue in detail. i. Include factors like: a. Key players and their role in the OB issue or problem (internal and/or external) b. Key stakeholder groups (i.e., employees, customers, communities) and their role in the OB issue or problem (internal and/or external) c. Values and behaviors (internal) d. Culture and structure (internal) e. Design processes (internal) f. Reward systems (internal) g. Economic and policy instruments used by the government (external) 2. Recommend at least three solutions for the issue or problem. a. Explain each solution and its relevance to the context of the OB issue. b. Defend the selection of each solution by: i. Interpreting and applying course concepts and theories to your defense when they are applicable ii. Citing specific examples/scenarios showing the application of your solutions iii. Recommending strategies for success that are supported by valid and reliable scholarly resources 3. Determine an implementation strategy for each proposed solution. Be sure to include deliberate implementation strategies around OB and best practices that take into consideration the dynamics of the groups involved. 4. Conclusion a. Write a summary focusing on key elements of your final product. b. Tie the key elements of your proposals and implementation strategies to the issue, highlighting the positive effects the proposal will have on the performance of the organization. Milestone 2: Outline of Final Paper You will create a robust and comprehensive outline of your research paper. The outline should include: � Title of paper � Abstract � Introduction � Major points/arguments � At least three solutions � List scholarly resources to support your major points/arguments and solutions. At least six scholarly references are required. All milestones should be completed as Word documents. The final version of your paper should be 10�12 pages (not including title page, references or appendices), double-spaced, use 12-point Times New Roman font, have 1-inch margins, and include citations in APA format. 1. Identify the topic you have selected and describe how it relates to OB The topic that I would like to write about would be: �Wal-Mart�s Business Practices�. This relates to OB in that Wal-Mart�s organizational culture basically touches across all definitions of OB on how the Organization has changed from the time of Sam Walton to today and how it has affected its workforce and what strides have been made to remedy that. 2. Provide three to four research questions that you will attempt to answer in your final paper Few questions I would approach would be as follows: 1. In relation to ethical trading what has Wal-Mart done to manage and improve their working conditions? 2. How does the Wal-Mart Organization�s culture affect its employees? 3. What measures have been put into place to address the Wal-Mart employees� wellbeing on being treated fairly? 3. State your rationale and reason for selecting this topic I selected the topic of �Wal-Mart�s Business Practices� (as mentioned in question 1) for it touches across all aspects of OB issues and I would like to further research on how Wal-Mart is working to address these various employee concerns, cultural issues, discriminatory problems, work environment, etc. and how they are working to improve the employees experience at Wal-Mart. Conclusion Explain what you hope to gain/understand as you research this topic What I hope to gain/understand from this research is; at what point did the Wal-Mart Organization say it�s time to change our ways and to learn from that? Though I would also like to attempt to find out if they are truly working to provide a better working environment/culture for its employees or is it another publicity stunt.

8 pages/2200 words

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