W4 Assignment 2 Discussion: InDesign Tools and Basic Page Layout



In this assignment, you will explore the most basic functions of InDesign—Placing files and manipulating/positioning Frames. Using only two tools, you will create a complex half-page advertisement. This may appear to be a relatively easy exercise for many of you after the past few weeks…in some ways it is. We have chosen to spend this week almost singularly focused on assets and frames. We want you to be extremely comfortable with the way they work. They are central to a designer’s productivity within the application. After the video tutorial, you will have the opportunity to modify the layout and further master the workflow.




review and comment on at least two peers' responses:


  1. Explore alternative methods of completing the assignment.
  2. Recommend solutions for the challenges experienced.












PEER ONE :Jasmine Hooker




For this assignment I learned how to flip the ruler to the measurements of my guide. I used the same process for this assignment as I used in the past. I just followed along with the video. I changed the background picture to another beach scene. I moved my text around to change their positions and move them more towards the center of the document. I changed out the pictures next to the call out also. I also places my background picture within the guides to make a white boarder in my document. I like using InDesign to put things together quickly. I would use it again when I need to put a layout together.  






PEER TWO: Misty Pate 


For this assignment I loved being able to play with the frames more. I also enjoyed being able to see how page layout can come in handy in the future. I had more fun finding and changing the ad. I had a little trouble at first with making sure I moved the entire frame with the picture instead of just the frame. Once I got it everything went great. 


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