Visual Basic .Net 2012 Programming


Card Shuffling and Dealing Simulation

Use Visual Basic .Net 2012 to program, debug, and test the following programming project.


Modify the Card Shuffling and Dealing Simulation  (reference chapter 9 - Case Study 9.5 Attached) to present the user with a video poker hand (5 card).

  • Change the main screen graphic to something of your own design.
  • For the cards, each card can be any available from a standard deck of cards.
  • Once a card is used, it cannot be used again in that hand (example: you draw the Jack of Hearts; you cannot draw that same card again).
  • When all 5 cards are shown on screen, allow the user to discard and draw new cards once (up to all 5 cards at a time, but only allow them to change the cards once).
  • Inform the user of their result in a dialog box (example: 3 of a kind or 2 pairs, etc.). After the user clears the result, allow the user to draw a hand again or exit the program.
  • All programs should have basic menu options that allow the user to exit the program and perform tasks you deem necessary for the program to function correctly. After creating the program, be sure to debug and test your code.
  • Submit a screenshot of the executed program and the code of the program.
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