visual basic


1. Open the sunshine solution file. change the text boxs max length property to 1 change its charactercasing property to upper open the code editor window the text box should accept only the bacspace key and the letters A,a,B and b. if the users clicks the display button without endering a code the selection sturcture should display the text "not Availible" in the lblname control. it also should display a message box that contains the "please enter a code" message the text "department codes in the title bar, an ok button, and an information icon.


2. open the figurethis out solution. open the code editor window and study the code. start the application and enter the number 1200 in both text boxes and then click the calculate button. the answers which should be the same appear in the two lable controls. Why are the answers different? how can you fix the problem? make the neccesary changes to the code and save.


3. open the swatthebugs solution create a test data chart. start and then test the application. be sure to verify that the keypress even procedure works. locate and correct the errors in the code.


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