Visual Analysis Essay – Requirements and FormatCompare and contrast two advertisements about the same product.2 ½ - 3 pagesProper HeadingDouble-spacedTimes...

Visual Analysis Essay – Requirements and Format Compare and contrast two advertisements about the same product. 2 ½ - 3 pages Proper Heading Double-spaced Times New Roman – Size 12 print—No bold print, fancy print, underlining, or quotation marks (except for dialogue) An effective title (five words or more), centered, and all important words capitalized Introduction: 5 sentences or more A clear thesis statement located at the end of the introduction relating the results of the comparison/contrast process Body: A clear method of organization—block or point-by-point; address at least three characteristics of the ads Effective transitions between and within paragraphs Well-developed topic sentences and concluding sentences for body paragraphs Detailed comparisons – avoid the obvious. Conclusion: Restate the thesis. Summarize the key points in the essay. React to the advertisements. (Suggestions: Discuss why you chose them, discuss the one you prefer, offer a general critique of each.) Copy and paste the advertisements into the essay. Following the advertisements, add a page titled Works Cited. Include the publication information from where the advertisements were taken—as much as is available (the name of the website, the name of the advertisement, the date of the advertisement, the date the ad was retrieved, and the web address). Number the pages of the essay beginning with the second page. Place your last name and the page number in the top right corner of each page (Smith 2). The Works Cited page should be numbered as the last page of the essay. Review and revise the assignment for grammar, content, language, and organization errors.
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