The individual paper is a written (typed) report worth 150 points. 

The individual paper should be a minimum of 5 full pages (NOT counting a separate cover title page, space taken by name/title information on first or following content pages, or a separate works cited/references page at the end of your paper).  The five full pages also do not include a paper content outline at the beginning of the paper; content outlines are not required. Each student should select a topic from the course textbook that they would like to know more about, or that additional knowledge would have application at work. 

The individual paper should include at least 5 works cited (sometimes titled “references”)  at the end of the paper, and at least five in-text citations with a minimum of one in-text citation for each of the 5 references.  These references/works cited can be from professional publications (trade journals like Traffic World, The American Shipper, etc.), business or economic periodicals (e.g., The Wall Street Journal, the Economist, etc.), or from academic journals (e.g., The Journal of Business Logistics).  Please limit textbook references to the course textbook and no more than one additional textbook, and do not use references from Wikipedia-type open source writings where articles do not pass editorial review.  Interviews with work place subject matter experts may be included as references.  Internet sources may be used including online professional publications, vendor white papers, and so forth.  Please limit direct quotations to no more than 20% of the paper – use paraphrase or summary to convey the words and ideas from another source to avoid lengthy quotations (of course, paraphrases and summaries from a source need to be cited with an in-text reference citation just as direct quotations need in-text reference citations).  Graphs and charts that you take from other sources must have in-text citation and a reference or works cited at the end of the paper, and count towards the 20% maximum. 

The five-page paper contents should be double-spaced with one-inch margins and 12-point font throughout the content.  Extra blank lines (beyond double spacing) between paragraphs or sections of the paper should not be used and do not contribute to the five page minimum.  Indent the first line to indicate a start of a new paragraph.  As noted in the grading rubric on page two, 5 points are deducted for each full page less than five, and fractional points are deducted for fractional pages less than five.  For example, if you turn in a two-page paper, 15 points (five points for each of three missing pages) are deducted for breadth of coverage and 15 points are deducted for depth of coverage.  If you turn in 4.5 pages, 2.5 points are deducted for breadth of coverage and 2.5 points are deducted for depth of coverage. 

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