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Submitted by Jasonmaster123 on Tue, 2017-01-03 16:43
due on Wed, 2017-01-04 06:40
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U.s history working pspertd

good answer that fits the paper

first picture and second one is together as 1 paper 

total is 5 paper

so the third and fourth is the second paper

fifth and six together in fo the third and contiue other 2 is fourth paper and last two pic is the fifth paper

attach different file so i know which answer is for which paper 


Submitted by Talented Writer on Wed, 2017-01-04 15:03
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body preview (5 words)

please xxxx xxx attached files

file1.doc preview (299 words)

Answers for 9th xxx xxxx pics

He did xxx agree with the xxxxxx xx Abomination

xxxx John xx Calhoun

When? 1828

Why? xx xxxxx xxxxx xxx standards xx living of xxx xxxxxx xx xxxxxxx

Expanded xxxxxxxxx in 1828, xxxx x xxxxxxx did not xxxxx xxxx the Tariff of Abomination xxxxxxx it could raise xxx standards xx living of the xxxxxx xx America.

He devised nullification xxxxxxx

Who? xxxx xx xxxxxxx

xxxxx xxx xxx xxxxxxxxxx It xxx for xxxxxxxx xxx tariff of abomination and to xxxxxxx xxx political future.

xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxx C. xxxxxxx supported xxx nullification xxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxx xxx xxxxxx of abomination, xxx he wanted to protect xxx political future.

South Carolina xxxxxxx

xxxxx 1832

Why? xxxx considered xxx federal tariffs to be unconstitutional xxx xxxxxxxxx null xxx void xxxxxx the xxxxxxxxxx of xxx xxxxxxx

xxxxxxxx sentence: xx 1832, xxxxx Carolina xxxxxxxx from xxx federal tariffs xxxxxxx xxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxxx unconstitutional and therefore xxxx xxx xxxx to xx xxxx within xxx

- - - more text follows - - -

file2.doc preview (500 words)

xxxxxxx xxx xxxxx xxx xxxxxx Pics

T.S xxxxxx xxx xxxxxx xxxx Americans xxx xxxxxxxxx motives to xxxx west.

They wanted to xx xxx xxxxxxxx their xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx

xxxx wanted to go xxx own property xxx buy xxxx xx xxxxxxxx

They wanted xx xxxx a fresh start xx xxxxx lives and engage xx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxx and xxxx xxxxxxxx

Concluding xxxxxxxxx Upon Americans moving to the West in xxx xxxxxx they have xxx motives xx xxxx a fresh xxxxxx xxx xxxx xxx practice democracy.

xxxxxxx Paragraph

During the xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx sought xxx xx xxxxxx xxxxx settlement xxxxxxxxxxx xx the xxxx xxxxx xxxx xxxxx buy lands and settle; they xxxx xxxx the urge xx xxxxxxxx xxxxx democratic xxxxxx xxx experience some xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxx xxxxx xxxx xxx xxxx gold. They could amass wealth.

xxx xxxxx many xxxxxxxxx xxxxx to the west for xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx American communities xxxx deeply affected.

They xxxxxx American xxxxxxxxxxx were xxxxxx xxx of their communally xxxxx

- - - more text follows - - -

file3.doc preview (284 words)

Answers for xxx and xxx xxx

xxxx explored

Who? British xxxxxxx

When? xx 1800s

Where? The North American Continent

xxxx They wanted xx enlarge xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx

xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxx xxxxx the British sailors explored xxx xxxxxxxx American continent xx xxx xxx of expanding their xxxxxxxxxxx

xxxx xxxxxxxxx xxx

xxxx xxxxxxxx Soldiers

When? In 1812

xxxxx War xxxxxxx xxxxxxx

xxx? To win the war xxxxxxx British and xx send them back to Europe.

xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx In xxxxx the American soldiers xxxxxxxxx the British warship as they fought xxxxxxx xxxxx they did xxxx xxxx xxx aim of winning xxx sending xxx xxxxxxx xxxx xx Europe.

They impressed ships

xxxx British Sailors

What? They xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx novels

Why? xx as xx provide forced xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx

Expanded sentence: The xxxxxxx ships xxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxx so as xxxx could xxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx services.

He xxxxxx x Native xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx

xxxx Tecumseh

xxxxx 1808

Why? xx wanted xx xxxxx xxx xxxxxx xxxxxx

- - - more text follows - - -

file4.doc preview (220 words)

xxxxxxx for xxxxxx xxx xxxxx xxxxxxxx

xx xxx xxx marathon

xxxx The man

xxxxxx xx Olympics

When? xxxx xxxxx

xxxx xx xx xx athlete

Expanded sentence: xxx man xx an xxxxxxxx xx xxx the marathon in last xxxx’x xxxxxxxxxx

He won the xxxxxxxxx

Who? xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx

When? On 1800

Why? The xxxxx of xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx voted him xx

Expanded sentence: Thomas Jefferson xxx xxx elections on xxxx because xx xxx voted in by the xxxxx xx Representatives.

xx simplified xxx xxxxxxxxxxx

Who? xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx

Why? xxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxx that state xxxxxxxxxxx and governors xxxx responsible xxx xxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxx

How? xx delegating administration xxx xxxxxxxxxxx xx the xxxxxxxxxx states

Expanded sentence: xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx simplified xxx xxxxxxxxxx by xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxx legislation xx the individual States because he believed xxxx state xxxxxxxxxxx xxx governors xxxx responsible xxx xxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxx

xx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx

xxxx President Thomas xxxxxxxxx


- - - more text follows - - -

file5.doc preview (314 words)

Answers xxx Fifth and Sixth xxxxx

They had xxxxxxx xxxxxxx which xxx known xx the cult xx xxxxxxxxxxx

xxxx xxxxx in America

When? xx xxx xxxx xxxxxxx

What? (Were xxx limited xxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxx xxx limited xx xxxx and family only

Expanded xxxxxxxxx xx xxx xxxx century, xxxxx in xxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxx are xxxxx as xxx cult of xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx their sphere xx xxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxx to xxxx xxx xxxxxx only.

These sisters published x xxxx

xxxxx In xxxx

xxxx xxx sisters

Why? Because the xxxxxx to xxxxxxx xxxxx xxx children place in the xxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxx love xxx people.

xxxxxxxx sentence: Three sisters published a book xx xxxx xx show women and xxxxxxxx’x place in xxx society and to express love xxx the people

Write a xxxxx sentence for xxxx topic

xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx movement

In 1826, the xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx Society was founded with xxx xxx of coping xxxx the xxxxxxx of xxxxxxxxxxx which xxx become a xxxxx xxxxxxxxx xx the nation. xx x years’ time, the

- - - more text follows - - -

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