US History



Please answer the following identifiers in 2-3 sentences. Be sure to answer why the terms are

important and how they fit into America's history. Please be as specific as possible.

1. Columbian Exchange

2. Black Legend

3. Indentured servant

4. Puritans

5. Headright system

6. Navigation Acts

7. Bacon's Rebellion

8. Society of Friends

9. republicanism

10. public sphere

11. liberalism

12. Great Awakening

13. “virtual representation”

14. Tea Act

15. Sons of Liberty

16. Boston Massacre

17. Thomas Paine

18. republican motherhood

19. suffrage

20. abolition

21. Shay's Rebellion

22. electoral college

23. Articles of Confederation

24. Bill of Rights

25. Federalist papers 



Short Answers

Please answer these questions in 3-4 complete sentences. Please be as specific as possible,

focusing on historical significance.

1. What were the main factors fueling European expansion?

2. What were two reasons why the English migrated to the New World?

3. What is the idea behind the term “a city set upon a hill?”

4. Why was the English Civil War important to the colonies?

5. According to Foner and the video, “A City Upon a Hill,” what position or role were women 

like Anne Hutchinson allowed to have in religious affairs? 

6. Why did the English colonies in the late 1600s adopt slavery as a source of labor? What 

events precipitated this decision?

7. How were the Salem witch trials representative of the treatment of those who did not fit into

predetermined societal norms? Were any groups specifically targeted?

8. How did England's adoption of the mercantilist system affect colonies in America?

9. Were women's roles positively or negatively affected by class stratification and the 

increasing stabilization of colonial life in the early 1700s?

10. How did slavery develop differently in the various regions of British North America?

11. What is republicanism and liberalism and why were they important to the development of 

the colonies?

12. How did the decline in religion and the rise in Enlightenment thinking affect the colonies?

13. What societal fears helped encourage the spread of the Great Awakening?

14. Why was the Proclamation of 1763 considered an unpopular decision by American 


15. What were two specific causes of the American Revolution?

16. Why were the British justified in taxing the American colonies?

17. Why was Common Sense so important to the American Revolution?

18. Why did some colonists not want to be independence?

19. How did the idea of natural rights affect the Declaration of Independence?

20. What factors led to the colonists' victory?

21. How does the definition of freedom change after the Revolution?

22. Is there an expansion of freedom after the Revolutionary War? If so, how does the idea of 

freedom evolve?

23. Were there any groups in the colonies that did not benefit from the American Revolution?

24. What role did the founders foresee for religion in American government and society?

25. According to the documentary, “God in America,” why were Baptists targeted for 

persecution in Virginia? How did this persecution affect religious toleration in Virginia?

26. What were some limitation of the Articles of Confederation?

27. How did the Constitution protect slavery?

28. How does the electoral college work?

29. Why did James Madison consider the Bill of Rights “parchment barriers?”

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