The U.S. Health Care System

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The U.S. Health Care System


The U.S. Health Care System is frequently criticized as being expensive and lacking coverage of the total population.   On the other hand, the U.S. Health Care System is innovative and frequently used by foreign residents for treatment.   Managed care was a response to the cost, quality and coverage concerns.   Consider the issues of care coordination, prevention practices, formulary medication costs, delay in getting appointments or tests, denial of referrals to specialists, inadequate skill of physicians and the need for specific approval by an MCO before the most effective medication for the treatment of a condition can be obtained if the drug is not listed in the plan's formulary. Assume a position either for or against managed care.   Find two articles supporting your position as it relates to the client population in this course. The post will contain:


    A statement identifying a support of or opposed to position

    Support of the position using the Text and two additional references. If you use health care systems of other countries as a comparison, please give the resource information for other students to read and compare the systems

    Make two suggestions that may enhance managed care for the population of clients discussed in this course.

    Discuss how a society's social values influence the provision of and payment for health services. Give two examples.

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