URGENT: Managing Innovation Assignment No.2


This is an urgent assignment that is due less then 48hrs. Please follow the guidelines and attachment for more details.


Task 1 (Video comment exercise)
Visit the NRC website at: 


Choose a video and comment it.
150 words and provide at least one references.
Task 2
Discuss Canada's Government Intervention in Science Research. (The positive and the negative)
150 words and provide at least one references.
Case Study Assignments: Minimum 750 words (excluding title page and bibliography). Minimum 3 valid online academic references including their respective URLs. Follow APA.
Please take a look at the PDF file and Innovation scoreboard reading http://ec.europa.eu/enterprise/policies/innovation/policy/innovation-scoreboard/
Task 4 (Weekly Summary)
Same as the previous 1st assignment, please write a brief comment on your view of week 2.
Learning Objectives for week 2:
  • Understand the wider context of innovation and the key influences
  • Recognize that innovation cannot be separated from its local and national context and from political and social processes
  • Understand that the role of national states considerably influences innovation
  • Identify the structures and activities that the state uses to facilitate innovation
  • Recognize the role marketing plays in the early stages of product innovation
  • Explain how market vision helps the innovation
  • Understand how the pattern of consumption influences the likely success of failure of a new product.
150 words and provide at least one references.
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