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Write one paragraph for each of the prompts.(200 words each)


PROMPT ONE. Please write on something you have recently seen and heard on television, on U-tube, at the cinema etc., that has affected you.   This should be something that happens “in time”; i.e. it isn’t a single photograph, for instance. It should also be something that is “public” for many people—in other words something that isn’t primarily personal or restricted to your family or group of friends. This might be a news event or a show presented to influence people, say on the environmanet. Think for a moment, of all the things you have watched until you remember one which tapped you on the shoulder, entered into your stream of consciousness with some vigor, something at least somewhat unforgettable, if only by you. Please draw on something quite recent and describe in as much detail as possible what you saw from a first person perspective. You want to begin your piece with such phrases as “I turned on . . .” or “I flipped the channel and . . .” or “I just happened to . . .” Try to get down what you saw and what you heard.


PROMPT TWO. Now write of a situation you were personally involved in that caused you to experience a strong emotion: perhaps anger, joy, disappointment, jealousy, regret, embarrassment. Write about this situation in as much detail as possible, taking us from the beginning. You might want to begin with “I walked into . . .,” “I ran into . . . “, or “A couple of days ago, I . . .” “Last night, I . . .”



PROMPT THREE. Take out at your wallet. Describe what is in your wallet with as much specificity as possible. That is, tell us what is there—and describe what things look like, smell like, etc.

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