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In the United States, many states now impose taxes on tobacco to discourage smoking and to help offset the health...

In the United States, many states now impose taxes on tobacco to discourage smoking and to help offset the health costs associated with smoking. However, heart disease, which has been linked to a high-fat diet, is the country’s number one cause of death. In addition, more cancer cases in the United States are related to diet than to smoking. Compose a 200-word argument supporting or refuting the following plan: Taxing high-fat foods would be a great way to reduce the incidence of heart disease and help offset the cost of its treatment. The taxes could also be used to educate the public to the dangers of a high-fat diet, in the same way that taxes on cigarettes are used for antismoking ads.

Submitted by shahimermaid on Tue, 2012-03-06 02:09
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my views

body preview (165 words)

In this fast xxxxxx life, where xxxxxxxx xx xxxxx xxxxxx prefer to have xxxx food that is xxxxxxx available in xxxxxxxx form. This food though convenient xx xxxx unhealthy. The companies are earning profit by high sales but also making xxxxxx prone xx many xxxxxxxxx The government should definitely tax xxxx xx a high rate, xx that xxx companies can xxxxxxxx and xxxx with xxxx food xxxx is low xx xxxx salt xxx does not xxxxxx xxxxxx of the xxxxxxxxxx xxx people xxx xxx obese should xxxx be xxxxx xx xxx xxx tax. This xxxx motivate them xx exercise xxx keep fit. xxx taxes collected xxx be used xx build parks and xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx can xxxx people xxxxxx xxxx The xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxx consider xxx xxxxxx of the person xxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx and xxxxxxx can charge xxxx xxxx xxx people. xx levying such xxxxxx government xxxx xxxxxxxxx a xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxx the xxxxxx that it xxxxx xx have a healthy people xx the xxxxxxx

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Submitted by humblejeff on Tue, 2012-03-06 04:34
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attached is a 200 word discussion giving the answer

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xxxxxxxx xx xxx xxxxxx

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Fats form a xxxxx percentage of our xxxxx food intake. xxxx xxxx a xxxxx role in xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xx the xxxxx However, they have been x xxxxx cause of concern xxxx xxxxxxxx xx deaths that are related xx xxxxx xxxxxxx as more xxx more people xxxxxx obese. xxx idea of xxxxxxxx tax xx fat foods xx xxxxxxx not xx actionable as xxxx xx imposing xxxxx on cigarettes in order xx xxxx offset health costs. Since most fat xxxxx are xxxxxxx available xx the xxxxxx xxx xx home, xxxxxxxx x tax on fat xx not beneficial xx society xx xxxxx of xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx of xxxxx foods. xxxx is xxxx xx most people xxxx continue xxxxxx xxxxx foods even with xxx increase in prices. Imposing a tax xx xxxxx foods in x xxx xx lower obesity xxxx or lower deaths xxxxxx xx xxxxx diseases xxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxx as xx will not xxxxx people from xxxxxx xxx xxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx imposition of tax xxxxxx xxx be xxxx to xx punishing people for their feeding xxxxxx as xx has been xxxxx xx studies that people xxxx xxxxx eat

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