Unit3 Test

5. An electric motor accomplishes what task?
[removed]converts chemical energy into mechanical energy
[removed]converts electrical energy into electromagnetic energy
[removed]converts electrical energy into mechanical energy
[removed]converts mechanical energy into chemical energy
[removed]converts mechanical energy into electrical energy

The next five questions refer to these electric meters: 

15. How much electricity was used during the month of June?
[removed]2813 kwh
[removed]2582 kwh
[removed]3011 kwh
[removed]2903 kwh
[removed]2744 kwh




How much would this energy cost the consumer? (assume the average rate of $0.07 per kwh)
18. What was the meter reading on June 1?
19. What was the meter reading on July 1?
20. A piece of iron can be made into a permanent magnet by stroking it with a strong magnet.
10. If the frequency of a wave is 5 Hz, how many waves will pass by a stationary object in 1 minute?
11. A submarine captain wishes to know how far away an undersea cliff face is, so he sends out a SONAR signal. After 0.80 seconds, he receives the echo. How far away is the cliff face?
[removed]1500 m
[removed]1200 m
[removed]600 m
[removed]3000 m
[removed]2400 m
 Use this figure to answer the next 3 questions: 
12. On the diagram, which letter represents the amplitude?
13. Which of the letters represents the wavelength?
14. Which position represents the trough?




1. If a star is moving away from Earth at a high speed, which of the following would astronomers observe?
[removed]The star's spectrum would not be shifted at all.
[removed]The star's spectrum would be shifted towards red.
[removed]The star's spectrum would be shifted towards blue.

There is not enough information given to determine.




5. The visible spectrum is made of what types of light?
[removed]red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet
[removed]infrared, red, orange, green, blue, ultraviolet
[removed]red, orange, yellow, green, blue, ultraviolet
[removed]radio, infrared, colored light, ultraviolet, x-rays, gamma rays
10. Which of the following has the most energy?
[removed]visible light
[removed]gamma rays
11. Which of the following best describes the dual nature of light?
[removed]Light can be thought of as visible colors or as invisible colors.
[removed]Light can be thought of as being white light or a combination of colored light.
[removed]Light can be thought of as a mixture of colored light or a mixture of pigments.
[removed]Light can be thought of as behaving like a particle or like a wave.


13. What advantage does knowing about the atomic spectrum give astronomers?
[removed]It helps them predict solar and lunar eclipses.
[removed]It helps them determine what elements make up stars.
[removed]It helps them determine the age of the universe.
[removed]It helps them know what the planets are made of.
15. Which of the following has the longest wavelength?
[removed]visible light
[removed]gamma rays
16. Which of the following scientists did not attempt to calculate the speed of light?
17. Which of the following characteristics of an object would allow no light to pass through?
[removed]horizontal polarization
19. The "speed of light" (c) refers to the speed of all electromagnetic waves under what conditions?
[removed]through the interstellar ether
[removed]through a clear liquid, like water
[removed]through a perfect vacuum
[removed]through the earth's atmosphere
[removed]The speed of light is the same under any conditions.
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