Unit Four Lab Assignment 1. Video Report Visit the videos stored here: http://media.pearsoncmg.com/ph/bp/bp_akamai/wild/ Or visit our textbook channel on You Tube – YouTube.com/MyIBvideos a. Select a video appropriate for international strategy and organization. b. Summarize this video in a half page report. c. Reflecting on the contents of this chapter, which aspects of international strategy and organization can you identify in the video? d. How might a company that is engaged in international business act on the information contained in the video? 2. Operations and production management can affect business strategy. Two strategies that deal with such operational management are Total Quality Management (TQM) and International Standards Organization (ISO) 9000. a. Briefly describe the main principles of both TQM and ISO9000. b. Explain how TQM and ISO0999 help international companies to develop world class standards. 3. Assume you work for a company based here in the USA that sells goods to consumers. The company wishes to expand internationally but lacks the financing to do so. Identify all of the financing options that are available to your company, taking into consideration the current situation here in the USA and in international capital markets. In your opinion, what is the best and most feasible financing option? Explain your answer. 4. Businesses, especially small and medium sized businesses face significant obstacles when expanding globally. Identify the obstacles businesses face in the area of recruiting and selecting employees when first expanding into an international market. Address such issues as financial constraints, lack of contacts, cultural differences, legal issues, geographical issues, and so forth. 5. Some business people believe that the main reasons people quit or underperform deal with personality instead of skill and qualifications. Visit the website of the Intercultural Business Center (www.ib-c.com ) and read about the cultural training services of this company. In one paragraph, summarize how the IBC may be of value to international businesses. In your opinion, what personal characteristics make someone better suited to doing business on an international level?
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